Vanguards are large, bipedal Mech-type NPCs that are fought as bosses at the end of High Security PvE missions.Vanguards resemble the similar boss Vikings, however they differ in their method of attack.

Overview Edit

Vanguard alternate between bursts of Auto Cannon fire, and pulling their primary target into near-melee range, stunning them, and following up with another burst of Auto Cannon fire. While the stun itself doesn't hurt much, not being able to avoid the follow-up Auto Cannon makes for some rough situations. While Robotic's turrets are able to be targeted for the pull/stun combo, the turret itself will only make a short, amusing hop into the air and land exactly where it started.

Vanguards are also capable of making quick, damaging melee attacks if their target gets too close. Easily avoided, unless the pull/stun combo pulls it's target off a ledge - the extra distance from falling could force a landing into melee range.

Aswell Vanguard is armed with an Rapid Firing Cannon that deals small radius but huge amount of AoE Damage. He usuall uses it for the Robotics Turrents, Drones or Recons Decoy. Hard to tank.


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Known LootEdit

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