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Unreal Aussies is looking to become one of the primary Agencies in Global Agenda and we have a wealth of gaming experience behind us. We are aiming to be a semi-serious PvP Agency that has fun on the side. We are looking for any mature players that are looking for these attributes in an Agency.


Name: Unreal Aussies
Leader: Nakid
Website: Site/Forum:

Steam Group:

Location: Primarily in Australia/Pacific, although we welcome people from all around the world.

Unreal Aussies has a wealth of experience in other games since the clan has been up for 6 years. We've played competitively and casually in many games such as WC3 (DotA), CSS, TF2, WoW, and SC2 to just name a few. The skills gained in Team Fortress 2 have definitely carried across into Global Agenda as the classes are almost hybrids of the classes displayed in TF2.

We believe in winning and even if we don't always win, we will watch how we play and adjust our strategy and tactics accordingly.

If you would like to join, please whisper Nakid in-game, apply to the Agency "Aussies" or apply using our website. For Ventrilo information, please see the Forums or in-game on the MotD.

Unreal AllianceEdit

Rank StructureEdit

We use a variety of different ranks to display a players commitment to the Agency and also displays what responsibilities and powers that player has. See descriptions below.

Agency LeaderEdit

The leader's position has the responsibility of looking after the welfare of the Agency which includes getting the Officers in order to organise members in missions etc.


Officers look after the well being of members and see to recruitment of new members.

Strike OfficerEdit

Strike Officers have the responsibility of organising players inside PvP missions.

Elite VeteranEdit

Elite Veterans of the Agency and are looked to for leadership when there are no higher ranking players around. They have proved their worth in the past and are to be looked up to by other members.


Veterans are the same as Elite Members, but to a higher degree

Elite MemberEdit

Elite Members are have proved their worth in the past.

Advanced MemberEdit

Advanced Members have proven their worth and have been awarded a promotion. These members form the core of the experienced players.


Members form the core of the entire Agency and this rank definitely contains the most members. They are expected to help out and uphold the Agency's image.


Fresh blood. These members are expected to show their worth so they may be promoted.



We are currently recruiting.


We are looking for mature players, but anyone is welcome to join if they want to take PvP semi-seriously and also have fun on the side.

To apply, please search the Agency "Aussies" in the Agency listing.

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