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Overview Edit

While the first portion of the Sandstorm update added the Conquest and Mercenary token systems, the second portion consolidated both types into a single token, simply called 'Tokens'.

As before, these tokens were used to purchase epic variants of Combat Devices used by the players, however these new tokens can also be used for a few cosmetic features, such as Dome City's Cyber Cuts (Hair Stylists) and Genolab Facial Reconstruction.

Currently this token system has been replace by a new one consisting only in Mercenary Tokens, used to purchase uncommon, rare and epic gear, and epic armor.

Earning Tokens Edit

Players may earn tokens by attempting missions, both PvE and PvP.

Losing Special Ops (any difficulty):

(# of Minutes) times 6

Losing Solo Speacial Ops (any difficulty):

      (# of Minutes) times 6

Winning Special Ops:

High Security, Adept solo = (# of Minutes) times 12
Max Security, Advanced solo, Double Agent = (# of Minutes) times 18
Ultra-max Security, Expert solo = (# of Minutes) times 24

In AvA, tokens are awarded as normal after battle. At the end of a season, all participating members of an agency will recieve tokens equal to half the agency's total net worth at the end of the season. In general, this means about 15000 to 20000 tokens if the agency wasd managed decently.

Exact mechanics for other queues are unknown.

NOTE: Your Rating also affects your tokens achived from PVP.

Limits Edit

Players are limited to earning a certain number of Tokens per day in PvP and another number in PvE, there is also a global day limit.

Since tokens are account-wide (Tokens earned on one character can be used by another character on the same account), the weekly limit is also account-wide.

Players are also limited in the amount of tokens they can store - spend them before reaching the cap.

Weekly Limit: 50000
Account Limit: 50000

Conversion Edit

Players with Tokens from the previous system will have them automatically converted to the new system at the following rates:

  • 1 Conquest Token -> 150 'Mercenary Tokens'
  • 1 "Old" Mercenary Token -> 30 'Mercenary Tokens'

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