Mission Description Edit

Dalton Bancroft: "By now you must realize that you can never go back to the Commonwealth. I know it wasn't your choice to come here but I hope you see that I spared you a life of slavery or worse. Here, in Dome City, we have formed an alliance of independent agencies: the Allied Revolutionary Militia or A.R.M. Together, we strike back at the Commonwealth and take by force that which is most important - our freedom. As an asset of the Commonwealth, they have undoubtedly done something to track or control you should you get away. Speak with Ava Lockheart at the Analyst Tower. She'll scan you for homing beacons, cranial bombs, or anything else that may have been implanted."

Intermediate Text Edit

Ava Lockheart: "Hey! I was wondering if you'd made it."

Objectives Edit

Speak with Ava Lockheart.

Completed Text Edit

Ava Lockheart: "Ava Lockheart, chief analyst for Agency Zero and coordinator for the Allied Revolutionary Milita. I'm sort of like the Right Hand of A.R.M. We met earlier. I was the one at the other end of your data-com during your escape from Prime. That was impressive work, Agent. I suppose Bancroft gave you the 'freedom speech' and send you here to get scanned? No problem. This'll just take a sec..."

Quest Rewards Edit

520 Experience

Linked Missions Edit

Next: A New Strain (Part 1)

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