The Legion is a hostile faction that predominately occupies the Sonoran Desert sector. They play an important role in both the Sonoran Desert missions, and also play the role of the primary NPC force in some medium security missions.


The majority of those in the Legion are former members of the
Sonoran desert

A Legion Sergeant and three Grunts patrolling the Sonoran Desert.

Commonwealth Army, generally those who have been deemed undesirable or unfit for service. Some of these discharged soldiers routinely ignored or disobeyed orders, defiled or desecrated corpses, or tortured and killed unarmed prisoners of war. Its safe to say these Legionaries are truly the worst of the worst.

The Legion appears to be the main militant force of the Warlord, as both he and the Legion arrived in the Sonoran Desert during the same time frame. It is believed that some or all of the Commonwealth soldiers who escorted Nikolai Andreyev (aka the Warlord) became part of the organization, although that clearly doesn't explain the size of the Legion forces. It is likely that Commonwealth programs that continue to drop discharged soldiers in the Desert have only supplemented this organization.


The Legion most directly has a conflict with the desert dweller tribes of the Sonoran Desert. The Legion has already conquered the Kanar tribe under the command of the Warlord, and it is safe to assume they will attempt to annex other tribes as well.

Also, the Legion has a direct conflict with the junkers in Junk Town, who help supply and support Dome City and the many agents which call it home. Both locations are in danger of the Legion and any potential attack, which is why agents are frequently deployed to assist in defensive operations.

Strangely, the Legion appears to have no conflicts with the Recursive Colony.


The Legion primarily appears in the Sonoran Desert missions, almost always accompanied by Kanar and occasionally Elkan forces. The Legion also appears in three medium-security PvE missions, two of which appear in very similar forms not unlike the Sonoran Desert missions, Fly Free and Between Life and Death.


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Legion Grunt - simple and light foot soldiers armed with rifles. They generally appear in squads of 3 or 4, as well as a Legion Sergeant who directs their attacks.

Legion Sergeant - Powerful commanding officers of Legion Grunt squads. They direct Grunts to attack specified targets, and can also blind targets using specialized grenades.

Legion Sniper - Capable of firing across long ranges with a powerful rifle. Usually found behind enemy lines, where they can safely snipe without immediate danger

Legion Brawler - Specialized melee legionaire. Brawlers wield a hammer-like staff, capable of dealing significant damage. They can also toss boulders over alrge distances, stunning those it hits.

Legion Raider (or Gunner) - Not unlike Elite Helot in its weaponry and heavior

Legion Soldier -

Legion Champion - Powerful legionarie equipped with a mystical sword and a modified minigun capable of firing guided missiles short distances.

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