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The Techro Blaster is a new device exclusively available to the Robotics class that is sometimes dropped by the Elite Techro during PvE missions. It is confirmed that the weapon drops in high, maximum and ultra-maximum security missions, it is also confirmed to drop in solo adept missions and likely to drop in the other solo difficulties as well, but there is still doubt if it is available in double agent.

The Techro Blaster has equal stats to the Rumbleblaster except it can be charged with the right mouse button for a more damaging shot, this charged shot costs 50 power to fire. The Techro blaster has a knock back with the alt fire which can be very helpful in groups.

A new variation of the Techro Blaster, The Commonwealth Force Blaster, is now Available as Merc PvP loot, it has the same stats as the Techro Blaster, and the same looks, just a different name.

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