The Support Scanner is indirectly a very dangerous NPC found in Maximum and Ultra-Max Security PvE missions as well as Expert-difficulty solo missions. It is a floating, mechanical, disk-like drone, with a metalic purple color. It wanders along the environment searching for the players.

Overview Edit

While the Support Scanner has no direct attacks of it's own, if it spots a player, the top and bottom halves will seperate and beings scanning 360 degrees with a cone of light. If any player is caught in this beam, the Scanner will summon a very large number of reinforcements to attack the players, including multiple Elites (Elite Helot, Elite Assassin, and Elite Alchemist) and numerous Alarm Responders. The alarm can also be triggered by shooting the Scanner - watch your fire!

The Scanner will not trigger off deployables or pets (Drones). A Robotics' Personal Vandal will also fail to trigger the alarm, allowing the player inside to punch it into submission without consequence.

On Maximum Security and Expert-Solo, a Scanner will only summon reinforcements the first time it finds someone - subsequent alerts will sound the alarm but not actually summon more NPCs. However, on Ultra-Max, each alarm will summon units! It is recommended that if the team doesn't feel they can avoid the scans, they should find a good place to deal with the alarm and it's adds and take it out ASAP.

Known lootEdit

  • None

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