Support Recluses are a spider-like mechanical NPC uncommonly found in PvE missions.

Overview Edit

They can be fought as the boss of Medium Security missions, or as mini-bosses during High and Maximum Security missions. As a Mechanical NPC, Recluses are vulnerable to the effects of an EMP Bomb and related debuffs.

Support Recluses are armed with a low-damage Auto-Cannon, fired from the front jaw-area. They are also capable of activating a special melee 'Spiked Ball' attack, increasing it's speed and causing significant damage on impact.

While it looks as if it's unable to move vertically, be aware that it can jump, if it needs to!

Tips Edit

  • If the area has any elevated areas (Boxes, crates, etc), jumping on top of them can provide a safe-area from the melee charge attacks. It can (and will) jump up to catch you, but it will run around for a short time before doing so.
  • The Jetpack is another excellent method of escaping the melee charge if there are no handy boxes around. Just watch your Power pool, or you might not enjoy the landing.

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