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Support Keepers are yellow-gray six legged mechanical NPCs with a round mid-section. They are occasionally summoned as reinforcements by the High Security boss Thinktank.

Overview Edit

Support Keepers cycle between two behavior patterns:

  • When initially summoned, they will wander around until they spot a target, then activate the melee-charge ability (same as the Support Recluse, looks like a spiked ball) and attempts to ram the target.
  • After using the charge a few times, the Keeper will stop in place and open it's mid-section, firing bouncing energy discs around the room. If the discs hit a player (or a Robotic's deployable) it will encase it in a round shield (same animation as the Assault's Perfect Target ability). Victims are unable to perform any actions other than jump while the shield remains active (approx 10s).

Known LootEdit

<to be added>

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