Support Guardians are floating mechanical NPCs which only appear during Ultra Maximum security missions as alarm responders.

Overview Edit

Support Guardians are armed with an Auto Cannon and a tracking Rocket Launcher. Both weapons are fairly powerful and can take down an agent in a few seconds.

While the Rocket Launcher will lock-on and track a target, the missile itself will not avoid obstacles, it is easy to lead it into a pillar or other obstruction, but players should be careful since the rocket has high AoE..

Support Guardians will fly in a semi-erratic pattern - they can be annoyingly difficult to hit.

As a Mechanical NPC, they are vulnerable to the effects of an EMP Bomb and related debuffs.

Known LootEdit

<to be added>

Alternate FormsEdit

  • Colony Guardian (Appears only in raids as Mini-boss)
  • Colony Overseer (Appears only in Recursive Colony medium-security PvE missions and as final boss during some North Sonoran missions)


  • Guardians used to appear uncommonly as mini-bosses in High and Maximum Security missions.
  • They also sometimes appeared as the final boss in Medium Security missions prior to Patch 1.35.
  • A Guardian appears as a boss during the tutorial missions at the end of the Adrenaline.

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