Overview Edit

Support Destroyers are bipedal, mechanical Mech-type NPCs occasionally found in PvE missions. They can be fought as the boss of Medium Security missions, or as a miniboss during High Security missions. As a Mechanical enemy, Destroyers are vulnerable to the effects of an EMP Bomb and related debuffs.

Support Destroyer are armed with a dual-Auto Cannon mounted on it's shoulders, as well as a Shockwave attack. While the Auto Cannons are faily powerful, they arn't impossible to avoid, and an Assault's Range Shield as well as the Robotic's Force Fields work well to absorb the damage.

Occasionally, the Destroyer will stop and crouch down - this is the cue that it's about to use the Shockwave attack. This attack will deal a large amount of damage to everyone within Line of Sight - stay behind a pillar or Force Field if possible, or activate Perfect Target or AOE Shield if available.

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