Strikeforces are when a team of about 8-10 Agents form a group like a team, but to capture "Hex's". Hex's are areas that are contested by different Agencies and Agents alike. Capturing Hex's can earn you money for yourself and your agency. But the hex's aren't easy to get, you have to bid on them, or fight for it. If you have a good team, you should capture it, if your not as experienced, you may not. Its not a normal fight though, you have to buy all the equipment for the mission! E.g: Respawn Beacons, defensive turrents, even Vandals! (Vandals are robots like the one used in Demilition.) To create a Strikeforce, just make a team and click "Convert to strikefroce" and you're now a strikeforce. Then you just need to add a ship and your Cargo and your ready!

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