Tosses a small proximity mine that sticks to the first surface it comes into contact with. The mine takes a few seconds to deploy and will not deploy while an entity is nearby (including the Recon). Once deployed, it will explode when a hostile target enters range, damaging and inflicting a Poison debuff on hostiles within the area of effect. Mines are visible to all and can be destroyed by weapons fire.


 Sticky Poison Mine
 Repair {{{repair}}}
 Health 400
 Duration {{{duration}}}
 Damage 663
 Power Cost {{{powercost}}}
 Fire Rate {{{firerate}}}
 Range 14
 AoE Radius 14
 Healing {{{healing}}}
 Cooldown 6
 Prox. Distance 12
 Durability 100/100
 Poison: 331 Damage over 5 sec
 Mine will stick to surfaces.
 -0% Cooldown
 +0% Damage
 +0% AoE Radius
 +0% Pet Health
 -0% Power Cost
 +0% Healing
 +0% Morale Required
 *-0% Cooldown
 *+0% Damage
 *+0% Pet Health
 *-0% Power Cost
 *+0% Healing
 Binds When Acquired.

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