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Special Ops missions are Player vs. Environment (PvE) Co-operative (Co-Op) missions that can be played solo or with up to 3 friends. Missions are available in both Solo- and Team- play options. Joining as an individual to play with a full team allows a "Wait for a Balanced Team" checkbox to be used to only accept teams with one member per class type.

Team missions are available in five difficulties:

  • Medium Security (Lv 5-19)
  • High Security (Lv 18+)
  • Maximum Security (Lv 25+)
  • Ultra-Max Security (Lv 30+)
  • Double Agent (Lv 30+)

Note: Double Agent availability is subject to Global timers. Solo missions are available in three difficulties:

  • Adept (Lv 20-29)
  • Advanced (Lv 30+)
  • Expert (Lv 40+)

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