Overview Edit

As a player progresses, his character gains Skill points, which can be used to gain small, cumulative increases to the player's devices and armor.

You gain 1 skill point per 2 levels, starting at level 4, but you are not able to place it until you finish the first Dome city missions after the tutorial.

You can have 13 skill points at max, meaning you need to be level 30 to stop gaining skill points. Each class has 3 'trees' the player can spend Skill points in, with the more powerful buffs requiring a larger investment into a single tree to reach, some skills require points allocated in other specific skills to invest.

All 4 classes share the 'Balanced' tree, which includes general buffs to Health, damage, Power Pool, and Protection. Each class also has 2 more trees that are specific to each class.


  • Markmanship - Bonuses to the Recon's Rifles including increased range, quicker accuracy centering, reduced Power costs, as well as increased duration and potency of Stims.
  • Infiltration - Boosts the effectiveness of Recon melee attacks and explosive charges.


  • Healing - Increases the potency of the Medic's specialty devices, buffs and Healing off-hands.
  • Poison - Increases the damage and effect of the Medic's Poison debuffs & related devices (AOE offhand damage), weapon damage & range, melee protection & damage and increased HP & protection.


  • Tank - Increases the Assault's Protections and defensive off-hands.
  • Destroyer - Increases the potency of the Assault's Specialty weapons and explosive off-hands.


  • Engineer - Increases the effects of the Robotics' Stations and Turrets, as well as the Repair Arms
  • Drones - Increases the effectiveness of the Robotics' Drones and Rifles.

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