Shrikes are large bi-pedal Mech type NPCs fought as a boss at the end of High, Max and Ultra Max Security missions.

A Shrike


They use a combination of ranged and AoE attacks in the form of twin side-mounted machine guns and twin, wall-bouncing "Rumbleblasters".

The AoE attack of the Shrike is much more threatening than it's Ranged attack, as it can dispatch a Robotic agents stations fairly quickly, due to its relatively high damage, and large AoE radius. These shots may also hit you and your team from behind cover, as they may bounce from the wall behind you, and strike.

You should also be aware that if you come too close to the Shrike, it use a powerful Stomp as a melee attack. Be careful of its pull ability which may pull any unexpected victim out in the open.

As with most bosses, the Shrike will call for backup in the form of Alarm Responders, Maintainece Drones, and Elites (Helots, Techros, Alchemists & Assassins), It is important that you deal with the reinforcements before continuing to attack the boss, and prioritise on killing enemies that can heal the boss first; (Maintainece Drones, Alchemists & Techros).


A group of agents fighting a Shrike


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Known LootEdit

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