Overview Edit

Armor and devices are available in different qualities - Uncommon, Rare, and Epic. While higher-quality pieces have more modifiers, they also have a durability stat, ranging between 0-100. Every time the piece is used in a mission, the durability is decremented - when it reaches 0, the item acts as if it were a common item, losing all of it's bonus modifiers. Note that as the armor or device decays, the upgraded stats gradually decline (ie. a healing mod of 6% will reduce to 4% then 2% and so on).

Repait Kits are craftable items that restore Armor and Devices to full durability, restoring the bonus modifiers. Repair Kits can only be used on items of the same quality - an Uncommon Repair Kit can only restore the durability of Uncommon Armor and Devices.

Repair kits can also be purchased at Hawk's.

Components Edit

Repair Kits can be crafted using either Weapon Crafting or Armor Crafting skill. The resulting Repair Kit can be used on either Armor or Devices.

Armor Crafting Edit

Metal Scrap 17
Simple Power Cell 4
Nanofiber 35
T1 Armored Plate 9
H1 Motivator 1
Quanofiber 35
T2 Armored Plate 9
H2 Motivator 1

Weapon Crafting Edit

Metal Scrap 17
Simple Power Cell 4
Duroplasty 35
X1 Microprocessor 9
A1 Power Cell 1
Zenoplasty 35
X8 Nanoprocessor 9
A2 Power Cell 1

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