The Recursive Colony was the second expansion for Global Agenda, released on September 21, 2011. It explores the faction of the same name.


The following list is under construction and may be moved into its own article. It is not in any particular order, either.

Rewards: Rewards for assignments are dependent on your elite agent or boost status. For each status you have, you earn an additional 50% bonus to your rewards. Occasionally, random rewards will be given.

Mission Name Summary Rewards*

A Call to Arms

The first mission in the Recursive expansion. The soldiers around Dome City tell you about the ongoing situation with the Recursives and ask you to get permission from Dalton Bancroft to assist. After doing so, he'll direct you to Officer Hendricks in North Sonoran.

1200 XP
Enemy at the Gates Hendricks requests that you assist in their immediate defense of the door leading to Dome City, which is under attack by the Recursives. Defeat 8 Colony Drones. ARM Guards and an NPC named Gruff will assist. 1500 XP
Solar Trouble Hendricks asks for you to travel to the Solar Farm and investigate their lack of communication and dimished power output. Kill 10 scavengers on the road, then speak with the Solar Farm Operator. 1000 XP, 800 Credits
Start up the Generator in the Solar Farm. You must defend for 60 seconds while it warms up, at which time a number of enemies will spawn.
To the Source (Instanced Assignment, recommended for at least 2 agents). Enter into the Recursive Node near the Solar Farm and defeat the enemy presence there. First, destroy 3 control panels then enter into the boss room and defeat the Colony Eye.

A Night at the Solar Farm (repeatable) - Every night the Recursives storm the Solar Farm and you can assist in their defense by hunkering down and waiting until night to help. The assignment operates like a small-scale raid, consisting of four waves of enemies with the fourth and final wave featuring an assault by the powerful Colony Overlord. Enemies will include Wasps, Drones, and in later waves, Ticks and Ants. A robo is recommended for healing the generator, it would also be smart to bring at least one other teammate with you.


thumb|300px|left|The official Recursive Colony Trailer

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