Reaper with Maintenance Drone.

Reapers are floating mechanical squid-like NPCs occasionally fought as the boss of High Security PvE missions.

Overview Edit

Reapers have two attacks and one defensive ability:

  • They are able to chain fire slow moving energy balls (listed as 'Grenades' in the post-death screen) that will track the Reaper's target and explode in an AoE when it encounters an obstacle or target.
  • They are also able to fire a short-range laser (called a 'Pain Beam') from the tips of the tentacle-like appendages, dealing significant Ranged damage to the target.
  • Lastly, they are able to curl into a ball while floating, ignoring any damage dealt to them. when the reaper comes out of this state there is a significant knockback to all nearby players, similar to the assaults Overcharge aility

Like all High Security bosses, Reapers are able to summon in reinforcements during the fight. Be on the lookout for Elite Assassins, Helots, Alchemists as well as Alarm Responders.


  • Avoid the moving energy balls they deal high damage, but can be easily dodged.
  • Do not come too close to the Reaper since it's very likely it will use the pain beam on you.
  • When the target becomes inmune, kill the remaining reinforcements.

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