Metal Arms

Recon attacking at Range

Range in Global Agenda is referring to two different types. Ranged Damage Type is when a Ranged weapon fires a projectile to harm a foe. Range is also a measure of distance that a weapon can harm a foe.

Ranged Damage TypeEdit

Ranged damage comes from hitting a foe with a Ranged Weapon. This type of damage takes health away from that foe and it can be further increased by using Ranged Weapon Upgrades and Skills. You can also reduce the range damage received by using Ranged Armor Upgrades and Skills.

Ranged WeaponsEdit





Ranged Weapon UpgradesEdit

In Global Agenda most Upgrades come in Three types of rarity, uncommon, rare and epic. Ranged upgrades give a damage boost from +1 to +3 depending on the upgrade. Uncommon is +1, Rare is +2 and Epic]] is +3.

Ranged Armor UpgradesEdit

Ranged SkillsEdit

Range (Distance)Edit

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