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Overview Edit

 Poison Injector
 Repair {{{repair}}}
 Health {{{health}}}
 Duration {{{duration}}}
 Damage 353
 Power Cost {{{powercost}}}
 Fire Rate 0.63
 Range {{{range}}}
 AoE Radius {{{aoerad}}}
 Healing {{{healing}}}
 Cooldown {{{cooldown}}}
 Prox. Distance {{{proxdist}}}
 Durability 100/100
 Deals damage on block
 Backstab: poisons target for 5 seconds
 Increases damage taken by target by 20% for 5 seconds
 Equip: +20% Mech Damage
 -0% Cooldown
 +0% Damage
 +0% AoE Radius
 +0% Pet Health
 -0% Power Cost
 +0% Healing
 +0% Morale Required
 *-0% Cooldown
 *+0% Damage
 *+0% Pet Health
 *-0% Power Cost
 *+0% Healing
 Binds When Acquired.

The Poison Injector is the default Melee for Medic agents. It is capable of significant damage in close range with a decent swing speed, while adding a Poison effect on a successful backstab. Blocking Melee attacks successfully deals damage to the attacker.

A specific epic varient of the Poison Injector (ddd) is available for purchase from Dome City's Medic Conquest Gear Vendor for 6000 Tokens. Uncommon, rare, and other epic varients are occasionally awarded upon successful completion of PvE and PvP missions.

Images Edit


Female Medic with Common Poison Injector


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