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Overview Edit

Poison is a debuff utilized by a number of Medic devices (as well as a few of the Recon's). Victims inflicted with a Poison debuff typically have reduced Protections, reduced Healing recieved (being healed is less effective), as well as a small-to-moderate damage over time effect. Poison debuffs typically last 7 seconds, though Skills can extend the duration.

Devices that cause Poison Edit

* Denotes devices that have a non-standard Poison varient

Name Type Class
Agonizer Ranged Medic
Life Stealer Melee Medic
Neutralize Wave Off-Hand Medic
Poison Aura Off-Hand Medic
Poison Grenade Off-Hand Medic
Poison Injector Melee Medic
PowerVirus Grenade* Off-Hand Medic
Sticky Poison Mine Off-Hand Recon
Venom Bomb Off-Hand Recon

Devices that can remove Poison Edit

Name Type Class
Healing Grenade Off-Hand Medic
Healing Wave Off-Hand Medic
Medical Station Deployable Robotics
Sealed Systems Off-Hand Recon

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