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Vandal Boost Mech


Overview Edit

The Personal Vandal Boost is a Boost device for Robotics agents, added in Patch 1.3. After acquiring 100 Morale Points, the agent may deploy a Personal Vandal, which may be piloted by the Robotics agent or their teammates.

The Vandal is a Mechanical unit which acts similarily to the Vandals in the Demolition and AvA missions, and while the Personal Vandal cannot be repaired, it does not have a limited duration. The Vandal has a melee attack (with Knockback) as well as a low dps Auto Cannon.

Be warned that should the Personal Vandal be destroyed with an agent still inside, the agent will die as well - be sure to eject early! Also note that the Personal Vandal is treated as a Drone device - deploying another Drone or deploying a new Vandal mech after you earn boost again will cause the existing Vandal to be destroyed (along with it's current occupant, if any). After patch 1.36, the vandal cannot be driven in the open zone. At one time, the Vandal was able to destroy Support Scanners without being detected, but this has since been patched out.

The Personal Vandal Boost is available for purchase at Dome City's Robotics Epic Gear vendor for 7500 Tokens. Agents must be at least level 44 to equip this boost device.

See Also - Dome Shield Boost, the default Robotics Boost device.

Details Edit

 Personal Vandal Boost
 Repair {{{repair}}}
 Health 4000
 Duration {{{duration}}}
 Damage 68
 Power Cost {{{powercost}}}
 Fire Rate 0.2
 Range 100-200
 AoE Radius {{{aoerad}}}
 Healing {{{healing}}}
 Cooldown {{{cooldown}}}
 Prox. Distance {{{proxdist}}}
 Durability 100/100
 Requires Morale Boost charge.
 Vandal cannot be repaired.
 -0% Cooldown
 +0% Damage
 +0% AoE Radius
 +0% Pet Health
 -0% Power Cost
 +0% Healing
 +0% Morale Required
 *-0% Cooldown
 *+0% Damage
 *+0% Pet Health
 *-0% Power Cost
 *+0% Healing
 Binds When Acquired.

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