Patch 1.41 was an update to Global Agenda, released on May 11, 2011. The update was primarily a clean-up patch, correcting several bugs and glitches. Some aspects of gameplay experience were also altered.


//to be completed.

Device ChangesEdit

  • Tempest/Stormer Shotguns: increased damage and power cost per shot by 20%
  • Force Target: changed class from Repair to Utility Arm

Gameplay ExperienceEdit

  • Implemented the Steam Wallet for Steam users, enabling these players to purchase account upgrades and boosters online on their account.
  • Players may now purchase boosters to extend their current booster (previously you could not buy a new booster until your old one expired)
  • Several changes to end-mission screen and functionality
  • Level requirements for some items have been lowered. Prices remain the same, however.

Bug FixesEdit

  • Fixed bug with Auction House that made it so Devices were not always transferred between players. All Devices that were originally set to Bind on Equip have now been reverted back and have been unbound.
  • Fixed issue in Dome Defense that would sometimes prevent the door from blowing open during wave 3
  • Fixed issue in Dome Defense where pets could sometimes prematurely blow open doors
  • AvA: HQ's will no longer grant bonus tech if not 100% complete
  • Fixed bug that was causing the Super Engineer skill to cause posture bugs on targets hit by Repair devices
  • Crescent Jetpacks purchased from a vendor should now properly display in-game
  • Fixed a materials issue with Gatewatcher’s Visor
  • Beam effects have been reworked for better visibility
  • Fixed exploit that could lead to CTR bots being permanently invulnerable. When initially unmanned, the CTR bot should also now show “Immune” when hit.
  • HQ’s should no longer leave a DFac at their previous location when moved in AvA

Intro Map ChangesEdit

  • Adrenaline- after landing, players should now have their equip screen pop up to show empty weapon slots
  • Adrenaline- additional cover has been added around the level
  • Skylark- made significant layout changes to mission to encourage players to use their jetpack more
  • All intro missions should now have more persistent navigation arrows to help guide players through the levels more easily

Other Map ChangesEdit

  • Fixed issue in some AvA maps where force fields around doors were not completely blocking doorways
  • HM-44 ARENA: Fixed an issue where players were flying through a mesh and getting stuck.
  • Embryonic Testing Lab: Made adjustments to map barriers to prevent players from going out of bounds

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