Aside from the common, uncommon, rare and epic variants, some equipment also has overcharged (abbreviated OC) versions. They are more powerful epics with higher base stats, such as damage, healing or deployable health, and specific modifiers. For example, an OC weapon will always have [ddd] modifiers, while OC healing equipment will always have [hhh].

Because of their increased effectiveness, those items also cost more mercenary tokens compared to their normal version. It's up to the player whether or not they want to save for the more expensive weapons or buy the normal ones as a stop-gap, nevertheless, generally a character equipped with all the available OC versions of their weapons will prove more efficient than one who isn't. Exception to that is some AOE off-hands, such as some grenades and bombs: since the OC versions don't offer the AOE radius modifiers (x), some people don't take the OC versions because they prefer larger radius over damage. This can also apply to some weapons, i.e., the Tremor Launcher. Note that not all equipment has an OC version.

Below is the list of all OC items available in game as of patch 1.4.


Superior GearEdit

AfterShock Launcher OC [ddd]
Concussion Grenade OC [ddd]
Gammaburst Launcher OC [ddd]
Headhunter Launcher OC [ddd]
Heatwrack M.A.S.E.R. OC [ddd]
Inferno-X Cannon OC [ddd]
Magmalance OC [ddd]
Spider Grenades OC [ddd]
Tremor Launcher OC [ddd]

Conquest GearEdit

Rhino SMG OC [ddd]
Longbow Launcher OC [ddd]


Superior GearEdit

Agonizer OC [ddd]
BioFeedback Beam OC [hhh]
Boost Beam OC [hhh]
Euthanizer OC [ddd]
Healing Grenade OC [hhh]
Nanite Enhancement System OC [hhh]
Nanite Restoration System OC [hhh]
Poison Grenade OC [ddd]

Conquest GearEdit

Rockwind SMG OC [ddd]
Multi-Boost Beam OC [hhh]


Superior GearEdit

Ballista OC [ddd]
Fire Bomb OC [ddd]
Rogue SMG OC [ddd]
Scorpia OC [ddd]
Standard Mine OC [ddd]

Conquest GearEdit

Raven SMG OC [ddd]


Superior GearEdit

A.R.C. Repair Arm OC [hhh]
Focussed Repair Arm OC [hhh]
Force Wall OC [nnn]
Grizzly Drone OC [ddd]
HEL-TAC Rifle OC [ddd]
Rumbleblaster OC [ddd]
Tempest OC [ddd]

Conquest GearEdit

Harken SMG OC [ddd]
Nanite Repair OC [ddd]

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