Mission Description Edit

Mickey the Junker: "You see all this? Trash, come might call it. Carbage. If you're feeling dignified you might say Refuse, but nah, it's none a' those things. Where you think that Shiny Dome City a' yours gets all their gizmos an' such? It's from us Junkers. We take what you throw away and make it useful. Course, ain't been easy scavenging since those Recursive steam-pots started at the Junk Heap. Thank my dingy socks they're terrible shots, but they do shoot to kill, an' Mickey ain't interested in dyin'. With you being all armed and such, think you could go get rid of a few for me? I'm a man of fair bargains. You do this and I'll give you something you'll need."

Intermediate Text Edit

Mickey the Junker: "Chop chop there, mate. Those bots ain't gonna wreck themselves."

Objectives Edit

Kill 10 Colony Drones at the Junk Heap.

Completed Text Edit

Mickey the Junker: "Good on you, mate. It'll be easier times for us Junkers now that those Recursive Scavengers is gone. Anyways, I promise you something essential for your troubles and Ol' Mickey always keeps his promises. Just try not to blow your fingers off, yeah?"

Quest Rewards Edit

700 Experience
400 Credits
1 Class Specific Ranged Weapon (?)

Linked Missions Edit

Previous: Welcome to Junk Town
Next: Mickey's Good Word

Note: Completing One Man's Trash and Another Man's Treasure unlocks Mickey's Good Word.

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