Overview Edit

The Nanite Restoration System is a Specialty Device for Medic agents. The pistol fires injection darts which have a small initial heal and grants a heal-over-time effect to friendly targets and increases their Power Pool regeneration rate by 20% for 10 seconds. Subsequent darts refresh the duration of the buff.

While the Heal-over-Time nature of the Nanite Restoration System allows for easy healing of multiple targets, it is incapable of the high-sustained Healing-per-second required for most situations, and is not recommended for a Healing-Focused Medic (who should look into the Biofeedback Beam, Boost Beam or Multi Boost Beam instead). It is ideal for Poison Medics, who can occasionally top up multiple nearby teammates while waiting on Off-Hand devices to recharge.

A specific epic varient of the Nanite Restoration System is available for purchase at level 30 from Dome City's Medic Gear vendor for 200 Mercenary Tokens. Uncommon, rare, and other epic varients are occasionally awarded upon successful completion of PvE and PvP missions.

Details Edit

Specialty Device
Primary Fire
Healing per Shot 100
Power Per Shot 30.0
Refire Time 0.5 sec
Range 100 ft
Heals target for 86 per second for 10s
Increases target's Power Pool Regeneration rate by 20% for 10s

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