Overview Edit

The Multi-Boost Beam is a Specialty Device for Medic agents. Similar to the Boost Beam, however the Multi-Boost Beam's Alternate Fire will jump to nearby friendies, healing and boosting their damage as well as the initial target's. However, it has a significantly higher Power cost, which necessitates the Medic keeping an eye on available Power. While not particularily useful for PvE content, the Multi-Boost Beam can be useful in helping a small group of teammates push into enemy territory during PvP missions. In most PvP situations, however, the greatly reduced healing of the Multi-Boost Beam's alt-fire makes it nearly useless for actually keeping teammates alive, while the frequent use of Frenzy waves proves more effective at increasing team damage output. As such, its use as anything but a "troll weapon" is minimal.

A specific epic varient of the Multi-Boost Beam is available for purchase at level 38 from Dome City's Medic Gear vendor for 7500 Tokens. Uncommon, rare, and other epic varients are occasionally awarded upon successful completion of PvE and PvP missions.

Details Edit

Multi Boost Beam

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