Minion sentinel

Minion Sentinel

Minion Sentinels are tank-treaded Mechanical NPCs uncommonly found in PvE Missions of all Security levels. They are equipped with a Rocket Launcher capable of firing up to 4 rockets in succession.

Overview Edit

Minion Sentinels are usually found in bunches of 2 to 4, although occasionally they are split by an obstacle (i.e. One in the hallway, two around the corner).

While fairly slow moving, the rockets are able to deal a large amount of Area damage in a short time. It is recommended to clear them carefully from behind a Robotic's Force Field, or use indirect-fire weaponry to kill them around corners. After firing their full rocket pack, they are vulnerable for a short time while they reload.

Due to being Mechanical, Minion Sentinels are vulnerable to EMP Bombs and related debuffs.

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