Mission Description Edit

Mickey the Junker: "You've helped me out a lot there, mate. Can't say I get that treatment from many of them as comes outta Dome City. Seein' as I'd like to share the wealth - the wealth being you, I've vouched for you around Junk Town. I'm sure you can find someone to talk to you now."

Intermediate Text Edit

Landers: "Welcome to Junk Town, agent."

Objectives Edit

See if any of the Junkers in Junk Town will talk to you now.

Completed Text Edit

Landers: "Mickey spoke pretty highly of you. That may not mean much to the others, but it's good enough for me. The rest of these idiot Junkers defer to me for some reason, so I'm sort of like the King of Junk Town. You can call me Landers, though. 'Your Highness' just gets on my nerves."

Quest Rewards Edit

150 Experience

Linked Missions Edit

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Next: King of the Junkers

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