Legion Inquisitor

Legion Inquisitor

Legion inquisitors are tall and muscular human males carrying a Magma Lance, and are occasionally fight during medium security PvE missions.


Legion Inquisitors are armed with a big Magma Lance capable of firing high damage fireball bursts and performing a flame throwing attack, both attacks cause an ignite debuff.


Fireballs travel pretty fast, but they can be easy avoided by leaping at the right or the left side of your position using the jetpack, or by hiding behind a pillar.

Every time the Legion Inquisitor loses 25% of his health he will perform a flame throwing attack, incinerating a large cone and killing players almost instantly if not avoided or mitigated. Before performing this attack 2 or 3 seconds beforehand, the Legion Inquisitor growls, giving players some time to hide.

Known lootEdit

<to be added>

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