The Legion Grunts are foot soldiers who are widely
Sonoran desert

Legion Sergeant (left) supported by three Legion Grunts.

deployed in Legion controlled regions.


Grunts are armed with a submachine gun and generally aren't much of a threat on their own, although they can deal significant damage if ignored.

In general, Grunts will spawn in groups of 3 or 4, often accompanied by either a Legion Sergeant, Brawler, or another Legion force. Note that when under the command of a Sergeant, they will be directed to attack specified targets as ordered (denoted by a glowing exclamation point over the target).

Grunts appear throughout the Sonoran Desert, particularly to the north of New Yuma Station and also south of the Water Works. They also appear as common NPC enemies during medium security missions in Legion-themed levels.

Known DropsEdit

Main article: Sonoran Desert weapons

Grunts can sometimes drop the following weapons (common or rare quality only, <5% drop rate) :

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