Legion Brawler1

Legion Brawler

Legion Brawlers are enemies encountered in medium security spec ops PvE missions and in the Sonoran Desert Zone.


Legion Brawlers are tall muscular humans carrying a Beatstick.

The Legion Brawler acts as a beserker amongst the legionaries, utilizing his main weapon, the Beatstick to cause havoc among agents at close range.

When encountered the beserker will charge at enemies usualy weilding his Beatstick and hammering away at chosen agents.

Although he primarily attacks at close quaters the Brawler can rip large chuncks of masonary and rock from the ground and throw with deadly accuracy at agents causing a considerable amount of damage and stun effect thus allowing it to close in on agents with little resistance.

Its lighter strikes can be bloked however the Legion Brawler will usually make usage of a ground pound that can stun neaby agents making them vulnerable to further attacks.

Known LootEdit

  • Beatstick
  • Legion Armbands

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