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Assault inferno X cannon

the inferno X cannon

Overview Edit

The Inferno Cannon is the second of two Minigun weapons an Assault can equip in the Specialty Device slot.

Appearing as a heavy duty cannon with a firey orange glow, the Inferno Cannon is a powerful weapon against infantry. Spitting out hundreds of burning yellow rounds from it's red hot maw, the Inferno Cannon is a superb weapon to use, great for clearing a room, mowing down fleeing targets or simply providing support fire. It has a deeper, throatier rumble compared to the iMinigun, and is a much more rectangular in shape. The Inferno Cannon has 10% more base damage than the iMinigun. However, it does not have the EMP Burn debuff on Mechanical targets nor the Knockback effect, making it less than ideal for most parts of PvE missions.

A specific epic varient of the Inferno Cannon is available for purchase at level 30 from Dome City's Assault Gear vendor for 6000 Tokens, as well as an Overclocked version with all d mods and an additional 3% base damage for 30,000 Tokens. Uncommon, rare, and other epic varients are occasionally awarded upon successful completion of PvE and PvP missions.

See Also - iMinigun, the Assault's anti-Mechanical minigun.

Details Edit

Specialty Weapon
Applies Ignite
Primary Fire
Slows user while firing
Damage per Shot 151
Power per Second 15
Refire Time 0.1s
Effective Range 75 ft.
Alternate Fire
Cannot move while firing
Damage per Shot 184
Power per Second 5
Refire Time 0.1s
Effective Range 75 ft.

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