{{Agency LIsting |INTRO=This is the listing for the agency IcuGaming within Global Agenda. |LEADER=BrokenOne (founding creator) - SpaniardS (acting leader) |WEB= |LOCAT=Europe |ALLIANCE=WeCu |DESCRIP=ICU gaming is a multi-gaming group that operated on a military organization structure during their time in GA. Starting from the lowest rank one had to being in a separate training agency called ICUtoo in which recruits were made "non-AvA members" until they had received sufficient practice to move up to members AvA and into ICUtoo training sf2 which was led by one of the officers brought down from the main agency to direct training, sf members were required to report in every day or report in on the website when they would be absent ahead of time or they would be sent back to non-AvA members once the sf members could work well enough together and the current sf which was ahead of them was moved up to the main ICU agency the secondary sf was moved up to sf1 and would begin directly supporting ICU sf's and be tasked with taking on the more difficult engagements. By this time each member would have been set into their assigned role and the officer will step down so that the chosen medic leader can begin practicing their paingun calling with their team while the officer merely launches the missions and handles dropship logistics.

Within the main agency there are 3 ranks for normal members, all without any permissions: "member-non AvA" is where people are moved if they have not checked or logged in for 3 days and they will be allowed a grace period of 2 weeks before they are kicked from the agency, Members AvA are the primary soldiers who have been moved up to ICU from ICUtoo with their now fully trained strikeforce the strikeforces are ordered with the best players being in sf1 the least skilled being in the last sf, Phoenixes were the positions held by members who have been in the agency for some time and have proved themselves to be good all around members. The nest set of ranks are those with inventory removal privileges: Strikeforce leader were the ones selected and trained as paingunners early on and who lead their strikeforces taking orders from officers, Officers were those who were qualified as strikeforce leaders but were usually also the best agency members in AvA and normally made up sf1 and some of sf2, Guardians were the original group who all take on different roles 1 specialized factory manager for AvA, 1 in charge of reveiwing all recruitment applications, 1 acting leader of the agency, 1 founder of the agency, 1 back-up fac manager and 1 training coordinator who eventually moved down to lead ICUtoo upon it's creation.

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