Elite Techros are hostile humanoid NPC's occasionally fought during PvE missions. They can also be fought as one of three possible bosses at the end of the Solo missions, and as an uncommon enemy during High, Maximum, or Ultra-Max Security missions.

Elite Techro


Garbed in a black suit with blue highlights, Elite Techros are armed with a Techro Blaster and are able to construct a Techro Buff Station, as well as a flying attack drone.

Elite Techros are able to heal NPC's and Bosses.

The Techro Buff Station grants to any friendly NPC some protection and dramatically increases their accuracy.

A pet version of the Elite Techro can be crafted called the Mini Techro.


  • The Techro Buff Station makes killing NPC's much harder - destroy it first. The Elite Techro isn't likely to build another, but when engaging he is most likely to build one right away.
  • The flying attack drone is fairly weak but difficult to hit with most weapons. It is usually better to ignore it in favour of killing the Elite Techro himself.
  • The knockback on the Techro Blaster is both annoying and dangerous. Be wary of any Environmental Hazards and pits in the area.
  • When the Elite Techro is repairing his companions - watch out who shoots you. Any NPC's that get repaired by him have their damage increased and reduces damage taken.

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