Dune commander 2

Dune Commander Firing its Autogun

The Dune Commander is currently the only boss which appears during Sonoran Raid missions. It will spawn during the fourth and final wave, and will also be accompanied by other Recursive Colony forces.

Overview Edit

Dune Commanders are large bipedal mechs capable of dealing massive damage over short periods of time.

These mechs are equipped with several types of weaponry:

  • A Rapid firing Autogun which deals low damage.
  • A Barrage Rocket laucher equipped in its right shoulder, able to deal massive AoE damage.
  • A powerful Energy Discharge, which deals fatal damage to anything within its sphere.
  • A Charge attack, The Dune Commander will charge against the mission objective, smashing everything in its path.
Dune commander

Dune Commander charging its Shock Pulse.

Generally, these attacks will be used to damage the objective in raid missions, but can kill an agent almost instantly when targeted instead.

The energy discharge is easy to avoid as it has a set radius, but you must be paying attention to the warning period where the Dune Commander begins to emit an expanding sphere of energy.

Although the Dune Commander is the primary focus during the final wave of raids, keep an eye on his minions that will continue to spawn. If they swarm the objective, the combined damage from all sources can be difficult to overcome.


The Dune Commander will first attack the Players with its Autogun, damage can be outhealed by medics easily.

Players should be split up as widely as possible as the Dune Commander's Rocket Barrage produces massive AoE damage.

After minute or so, the Dune Commander will perform a Charge Attack and rush to the objective damaging everything and everyone in its path. It will then attack the objective for a few seconds during which time the Dune Commander is unable to perform any other action. Grenades, minesn and Recon bombs should be used now. Robotics should focus in repairing the objective.

After damaging the objective, the Dune Commander will periodically use the Energy Discharge attack. It is easy to avoid, but it will deal massive damage to anything nearby.

Known lootEdit

<to be added>

Doom commander

Doom commander with a Jack-o-Lanter head.

Halloween LootEdit

<To be added>


  • As part of the Halloween Update, a special version of the Dune Commander appears on the Oasis Checkpoint 10-man as the Doom Commander, with a jack-o-lantern for a head.

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