The Colony Dismantler is the main Dome Defense Raid (DDR) boss, which appears on the 5th wave. Usually only 1 tank attacks it, so the medics can focus on healing 1 person. The Colony Dismantler apparently has a very cheap ability to be to deploy a set Repair Drones. Usually a shatter or two will take care of them.

Eventually, if enough time is spent in a DDR and you haven't successfully killed the Dismantler, it will enter an enraged state where it will try its hardest to focus on Bancroft. attempting to kill him instead of the person drawing his agro. However, the Dismantler's agro can still be drawn, just not as effectively.

It has the following attacks:

Kick- is used when an agent gets within melee range deals around 1500 dmg, has a significant knockback, and will apply a stun affect for 3 seconds.

Main Laser- is a periodic attack where the dismantler will clamp its arms to the ground and fire a sustained high damage laser at Dalton Bancroft for several seconds.

Random Laser- a variation of the Main Laser attack which is used in the later stage of the boss battle in which an agent targeted at random will have the slow tracking main laser fired at them.

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