The information contained in this article is out-of-date, and no longer applies as of Patch 1.3 (Sandstorm).

It remains for historical purposes.

Device points are used to determine the effectiveness of equipment. You have 15 device points, and allocate them to weapons. However, there are not enough for all items, so you must choose wisely. You can modify them at any time.

How to useEdit

When you are in an area where you can modify your equipment, you may allocate device points. To allocate them, select the item slot you want (Ranged, Special, Off-Hand) and select the item and it's level. For example: If you want the Rumbleblaster for the Robotics, you have 4 choices: MK I, MK II, MK III or MK IV. Choosing MK I will result in using 1 device point, while choosing MK IV will use 4 device points. Of course, this would mean you would have a stronger gun, but would take up more points. This means you must choose how you want to play: You could put more points into healing as Medic if you wanted to assist, or put them into poisoning, for a more offensive approach.

How to changeEdit

Of course, these aren't permanent, but you can't change them in the middle of battle. You must either go to a spawn point, or be in one of the Dome Cities.

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