The Desert weapons are a group of rare weapons which sometimes drop from enemies in either Sonoran Desert open areas, or in select PvE missions. These weapons were introduced as part of Patch 1.38 and have relatively low drop rates. There are only two quality types available for desert weapons: common (green) and rare (blue). Epic variations are currently unavailable.

Weapons ListEdit


  • Brawler's Beat Stick (melee) - Slow attack speed. R

    Two of the Desert weapons, (left) Legion Combat Knife and (right) Brawler's Beat Stick.

    ight click: Heavy swing deals increased damage and does knockback (40 power cost). Backstab inflicts 30% slow for 3 seconds. Dropped by Legion Brawlers.
  • Legion SMG (ranged) - Slightly slower rate of fire than Heatwrack M.A.S.E.R.., but higher damage per hit. Right-click scope increases range. Dropped by Legion Grunts.


  • Legion Combat Knife (melee) - Fast attack speed. Block deals damage. Backstab inflicts bleed effect, dealing damage over 5 seconds (equivalent to Poison Injector) but should stack with other poisons. Dropped by Legion Grunts.
  • Legion Side Arm (ranged) - Slightly slower rate of fire than other medic pistols, but higher damage per hit and slightly higher DPS from hits. Right-click scope increases range. Dropped by Legion Sergeants.



Drop InformationEdit

Color coded drop info

Desert drop Locations

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