Overview Edit

Global Agenda allows players to create items (called Weapon or Armor Mods) that add stats to existing Weapons or Armor. Crafting a Mod requires the base components as well as the Blueprints for that mod. This article aims to list each of the currently available Blueprints.

While the Crafting skills are split between Weapon, Armor, Strikeforce, Consumable, and Special, both Weapon and Armor skills are able to craft Repair Kits, which restore an Items durability.

All mods are available in 3 grades - Uncommon (Green), Rare (Blue), and Epic (Purple). Mods of any rarity may be applied to armor/devices of any rarity of Uncommon (Green) or higher - the rarity simply denotes the relative power of the mod. You can not Mod a Common (white) item.

Device Mods Edit

  • 2% per c
  • 3% per d
  • 3% per d
  • 2% per p
  • 3% pet health per v
  • 3% deployable health per n

Armor Mods Edit

  • 0.5% per r
  • 0.5% per b
  • 0.5% per n
  • 0.5% per m

Non-Craftable Mods Edit

These Mods are not craftable, but may appear on dropped devices.

  • Accuracy [a]
  • 0.04% per a
  • AoE Radius [x]
  • 10% per x
  • Duration [t]
  • 10% per t
  • Effective Range [q]
  • 10% per q
  • Lowered Moral Requirements [m]
  • 1% per m
  • Range [r]
  • 20% per r

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