Applying Item ModsEdit

Item mods can be applied using two different methods.

  • Agent Profile - Equip the device or armor you wish to modify and click on the wrench icon below it. The pop-up dialog offers to Repair or Modify. Click modify, highlight the desired Modification and click apply.
  • Mod Application Station - In the Prototyping Center there is a section of Mod Application stations which will allow you to apply mods to devices or armor without equiping them.

Only a single mod can be applied to a device or armor. Applying a mod to an item that already has a mod will overwrite the previous mod. The previous mod will be destroyed.

Removing Item ModsEdit

There is no way to remove a mod once applied.

You can apply a Mod over an old Mod, but the old one is destroyed. You can only have one Mod active on an item at a time.

See AlsoEdit

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