Consumables are equipment that can be crafted for one-time use during a mission. Once used, the item is "consumed" and must be crafted to be used again.

Similar to other craftable items, consumables require a blueprint and components. Your crafting skill in the field (in this case consumables) also dictates the quality of the consumables you create. The blueprints can be obtained in Dome City at the Consumable blueprint vendor near the Auction House. Components are obtained by salvaging uncommon, rare, and epic items.

For more specific consumable crafting refer to the Crafting and Crafting Components pages.

Consumable ListEdit

The following list accounts for all consumable items currently available in Global Agenda.

Uncommon ConsumablesEdit

  • Super Shell - Similar to Assaults Perfect Target, granting you immunity to damage but reducing running speed and making you unable to attack for 10 sec.

Rare Consumables Edit

  • Lasting Damage - Boosts all damage by 10% for 15min. Death/respawn removes effect.
  • Lasting Energy - Gives 30% bonus to power recharge for 15min. Death/respawn removes effect.

Epic ConsumablesEdit

  • Repo Android - Deploys a powerful Repurposed Android with 6000 health to help you to fight. Repo Andoird can not be healed by players but it can slowly repair itself similar to players rest method.

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