The Commonwealth Security Minigun is a specialty device exclusively available to the Assault class that is rarely earned through end-of-mission loot. This minigun is the rare form of the Helot Minigun. This item shows up as Helot Minigun in end of mission stats, and as the weapon you score a kill.

This device always comes with a natural [a] mod (currently the only device to have it). The 4% increase in accuracy is identical to the tier 7 destroyer accuracy improvement, and stacks linearly. The first 4% reduces the reticle diameter by 16%, and with the tier 7 skill reduces the reticle diameter by 32%. In terms of area, with both this gun and the tier 7 skill, the area of the reticle is 54% smaller. It also has a greatly increased knockback power compared to the iMinigun. Its damage is the same as the iMinigun's. Due to its set natural mods, it can never be given a perfect set of any one device mod, such as [d]. As such, the Commonwealth Security Minigun fills more of a utility role than the other Assault specialty guns due to its lower potential damage point blank against all targets. It can quickly shove multiple people off of a control point and mess up enemies in the air.

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