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A player's Combat Rating is a measure of how effective an agent is in combat, using a (up to) 1 to 5 star rating. Some Achievements require that the Agent has at least a certain star rating to qualify (e.g. 1 match won with a 2 star rating). While there are a number of factors that determine an Agent's star rating, little is currently known about them.

It is believed that Combat Rating can only be affected by performance in PvP missions. PvE content has no positive nor negative effect on an Agent's Combat Rating. (However, 2 stars are gained from completing quests.)

Combat Rating RanksEdit

0 Stars: Default rank for new agents.

0.5 Stars:

1 Star:

1.5 Stars:

2 Stars

2.5 Stars: Agent gains a 5% discount on store purchases.

3 Stars: Agent gains a 10% discount on store purchases.

3.5 Stars: Agent gains a 15% discount on store purchases.

4 Stars: (level 23 requirement) Agent gains a 20% discount on store purchases.

4.5 Stars: Agent gains a 25% discount on store purchases.

5 Stars: (level 30 requirement) Agent gains a 30% discount on store purchases. Highest rank achievable. Agents with a 5-star ranking are assumed to be exceptionally skilled in combat.

Note: In the process of reaching Lv30, an agent gains 2 stars from leveling rewards.

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