Colony wasp

Can you imagine how hard is to get an screenshot like this?

Small purple flying robots created by the recursive, they have an ovoid shape and will usually be encountered in large groups.


Colony Wasps have low health and do little damage, they are armed with a rapid fire energy weapon which fires a sucesion of energy balls that hit for arround 50 damage each.

Colony Wasps can be encountered in the Ruins of New Yuma in Sonoran Desert, and they appear during most raid missions involving fighting The Recursive. Colony Wasps can also be encountered in various locations and assignments taking place in North Sonoran.

Colony Wasp are hard to hit due to size and their flying capabilities, they are also very precise.

Known LootEdit

  • Zenoplasty
  • Duroplasty
  • Scrap Metal
  • Qanofiber
  • Nanofiber

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