Colony Overseers appear as one of three possible bosses in medium-security missions. Their appearence is not unlike the Commonwealth Support Guardian or the similar Colony Guardian, and all three behave similarly.
Colony Overseer

Colony Overseer on Reclusive Colony 1393


Colony Overseers appear on medium security missions set within Recursive Colony hives, specifically their "nodes". Overseers are equipped with an Auto Cannon that can fire a multitude of rounds very quickly, but may also utilize a rotating bombardment of grenades that can kill quickly. In addition, they will also spawn Dive Bombers, small robots which will seek out targets and use kamikaze-tactics on them.

Like Support Guardians and Colony Guardians (both similar NPCs), Overseers will fly in a semi-eratic pattern, which can make them difficult to hit consistently.

Alternate FormsEditEdit


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Known LootEdit

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