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A Colony Overlord attacking players during "Night at the Solar Farm"

The Colony Overlord is basically Colony Overseer with new weapons. Its primary attacks are plasma cannons and a fire AOE projectile that will hit for massive damage if you are caught near it.

As the fireball has a very long charge-up time and moves somewhat slowly, it is possible to dodge it when at a distance. The rapid-firing cannons are dangerous up close, but are horrendously inaccurate, making them useless at long range. As a result, the Overlord is relatively easy to beat with a few Recons pounding at it from a distance, moving periodically to avoid fireballs. The Overlord is also vulnerable to other long-range weapons like rocket turrets. An Assault could in theory get up close with Perfect Target, but the reduced move speed and mechanical attract that comes with that makes it a problem getting away once it wears off.

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