Colony Eye

Colony Eye

Colony Eye is a type of Boss enemy introduced in patch 1.5 with the recursive colony expansion, players can encounter these enemies only in North Sonora.


There is one colony eye located inside the Colony Data Node, it's elimination is required to complete the quest "Regaining presence" and the daily "maintaining presence".

There are several of them located in the ruins of Brookside, players must destroy 4 of them within 3 minutes of each other to complete the quest "Coordinated Strike"


The Colony Eye engages battle as a static foe, firing a very slow but powerful laser, then after taking some damage it unlocks new abilities:

  • The first one is an AOE attack that stuns players, it's very noticeable and can be easily avoided since it has a long charge timer.
  • The second one is a continuous damage laser, extremely dangerous, it can kill players in a second if not avoided, the laser attack lasts for a few seconds.

Once the Colony Eye reaches 50% of HP it will start flying but continue doing the same attacks.


Colony Data NodeEdit

Players must destroy 3 control panels in order to damage the boss, The Eye is also accompanied by 2 repair bots that should be killed before destroying the panels to avoid prolonging the fight.

Once the 3 control panels and the repair bots are down players should locate near the 2 pillars in the center of the room and start firing at the Eye, the basic laser attack is nearly impossible to avoid but players can heal the damage easily.

To avoid the death laser and the AOE players can hide behind the 2 pillars.

When the Eye enters air phase using boosts and offhands is recommended to burn it faster since avoiding the attacks will be a bit harder in this phase.

Like most bosses it will summon an small amount of adds, in this case colony drones.

Ruins of BrooksideEdit

There are several Eyes here all inside different building with differents stategies depending on the amount of cover you have.

Players should not pull nearby patrolling enemies and should avoid the death laser at all costs.

Known lootEdit

<to be added>

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