Colony drone 2

Common Colony Drone model

"Protect The Colony!"
-Colony Drone

Colony drones are humanoid robots, recusive basic footsoldiers armed with an assault blaster.


They are easy to kill and deal a small ammount of damage, they use to travel in large groups, and while one is not a real challenge, a large swarm can be really deadly.

They are the basic assault soldiers and the most common enemy fought in Recursive related quests and instances.

Known LootEdit

  • Scrap Metal
  • Intact Mechanical Torso
  • Intact Mechanical Head
  • Intact Mechanical Leg (Extremely low chance to drop)
  • Intact Mechanical Arm (Extremely low chance to drop)
  • Mechanical Eyes (Extremely low chance to drop)
  • Flair - Recursive Android
Colony drones

A group of Colony Drones

Alternate FormsEdit

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